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Welcome to my website! My name is Sandra Scheetz Wise. I grew
up in California and Pennsylvania before settling in Orlando Florida in
1976. I triumphed over a challenging childhood to enjoy a successful
adulthood shared with my husband, daughter, and a menagerie of
two horses, two dogs. and three cats. I returned to painting
several years ago after a twenty five-year hiatus, heeding a nagging
feeling that I had something to accomplish. My realistic drawings and
sculptures had won prizes as a child, but more predictive of my
current work's emotional punch was the painting I made at age
fifteen for my stepfather, which caused him to lock himself in his
bedroom weeping...(
read my complete artist statement).
Sandra Scheetz Wise with
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Sandra Scheetz Wise
Surrealism that will challenge your thought, of the reality of the earth; the world has melting clocks,
and now the world has carve twiste rocks and flowers that stare back, by Sandra Scheetz Wise.
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